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Joshua vs Usyk 2

August 18, 2022

CoachOwen Predictions

Joshua vs Usyk 2 

Power vs Technique

In today Blog I am going to take a look at the upcoming rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk.
This is a class bout of brains vs Braun and technique vs Power.
One one side we have the lighter and in my opinion the more skill boxer in Usyk and on the other side we have bigger and more powerful Joshua.
If we were to take anything from there last bout, it would be that Usyk carried his power up to Heavyweight when he almost stopped Joshua and Joshua can't stand of and expect to out box the Ukrainian Southpaw, with that being said this is a new fight and I believe both boxers will come in with a new game plan. Let take a look at what I think both boxer need to do to get the win.

1. I believe Joshua will need be on the front foot a put pressure on Usyk from the first bell. If he is static and standing in front of Usyk I believe we will see a repeat of their last fight.
2. Joshua need to control the range he is the taller fighter and as Usyk comes forward he should be met with Joshua long straight punches. This will keep Usyk out of range and allow Joshua to the moving forward.
3. Joshua should also try to use his size and weight advantage over Usyk. As Usyk pushes forward Joshua should be clinching and using his size to lean on Usyk and tire him out push him backward to take back the front foot pressure.
4. Lastly I believe he need to be more aggressive. He should be looking to keep a tight guard catch shots on the gloves and walk Usyk down. He needs to throw an higher volume of shots and be more active with his hands. I believe Joshua will come in Lighter than their last outing so should have the cardio to do this.

1. Usyk fought a very smart Fight in the last bout. Moving forward peppering with shots making Joshua fire and miss then landing the counter. I believe if he can implement the same game plan it will work well.
2. I think usyk needs to be light on the feet and make Joshua chase a little be and land the counters as Joshua comes forward.
3. Use his fakes and faints to get Joshua to open up for the counter or back up and allow Usyk to push forward.
4. Keep a high pace. Usyk being the lighter guy he should have the better gas tank and over 12 rounds if he can keep a high pace similar to the last fight he can out work Joshua.

I believe this will be a completely different fight from the last one for a few reasons. One both guys have felt what it's like to compete against each other and will have a better idea on how to get the win but also Joshua has moved camp and I believe this will be good for him. Obviously Usyk has been back home Fighting in Ukraine and this could be a negative or a positive for him we will see on the night

Taking all things into consideration I think Usyk will still be the smarter fighter and come out with the win Via late stoppage or Decision.

I would love to here your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed my two cents.

Kind Regards
Coach Owen Roddy
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