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About Shadow Fight Goods

We started Shadow Fight Goods because we recognized a need to better protect our community of fight fans, exercise enthusiasts, day one amateurs, and world champions alike. The fight game is changing fast, but the available equipment is not evolving fast enough to meet the needs of our athletes to help further the sport. By combining our years of combat experience and with forward design thinking, we strive to create and deliver the highest quality and most innovative products.

Our Founders


A legend in Irish MMA with over 18 years of combat experience, Coach Owen is most notably known as the striking coach and teammate to fighters such as Conor McGregor, Artem Lobov, Cathal Pendred, Ais Daly and many more.  He was a successful professional MMA Fighter for 10 years, winning both National and International titles before retiring and taking up a coaching role in SBG Charlestown and SBG Ireland. Today, some of the world’s best Mixed Martial Artists credit their success to Owen Roddy. He has been Conor McGregor's striking coach for all UFC bouts and title fights, including the game-changing McGregor vs Mayweather fight in 2017.


Raf began his design career working for Artisent Inc., a top design firm specializing in helmets and protective gear.  Raf has designed products for companies such as Oakley, ESS, AlpineStars, Xenith, Gentex, Ops-Core, and many more. His work includes projects for football, motorcycle, hockey, lacrosse and the United States Military. As Raf’s professional work was innovating both sports and defense industries, his passion for boxing led him to learn to corner and coach from legends like Tommy Connors and Peter Welch, and knew his next project needed to reflect his design ability and his love for boxing.


To our mentors, coaches, fighters, friends and family, we wouldn't have gotten here without you. And to Dave Fogarty and John Davenport, your talents are amazing. Most of all, thank you to our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t have a reason to innovate. To our Undercard subscribers, product testers, and early adopters - thank you for your passion and patience as we move forward, together. Cheers!

Step Out Of Shadows

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