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Hybrid Hand Wrap 2.0

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Our patent pending hybrid hand wrap 2.0 is one of a kind. The update 2.0 design now uses 135 inches of the same premium 2 inch wide cotton/nylon blend as our Lightweight Stretch Hand Wrap, attached to 85 inches of 1 inch wide support nylon webbing with silicone beads. Once you’ve felt the support of tape and gauze on fight night, it is hard to go back to fabric.

We’ve increased the length on both the cotton/nylon blend, and the nylon webbing for even more coverage 220 inches total. We’ve also reduced the width of the nylon webbing to 1 inch to better wrap around the thumb.

The cotton/nylon layer mimics the softness and padding of gauze, while the closing layer of nylon webbing takes the place of tape for the feel of fight night. Like our Mexican hand wrap, we eliminated the bulk of sewn woven labels and feature an extremely thin non-snag Velcro to close off.

  • 220 total inches of support
  • 135 inches Ultra-thin cotton/nylon blend
  • 85 inches of support Nylon webbing
  • Non-Snag Velcro closure

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