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Shadow S1 – Bespoke Sparring Glove (16oz)

Step out of shadows with our bespoke S1 sparring glove. The gloves are hand made using the highest quality full-grain leather and foams constructed by the best glove makers in the world. The S1 patent pending innovations include:


Lace-Strap System – our design provides the support and closure of a laced glove, with the ease and speed of a Velcro strap.   The inside of the leather strap is lined with a non-slip silicon coating to mimic the security and tension of tape. The design eliminates the need for someone else to tie you up and tape the laces. It also allows you to get out of your own gloves when no one is around.

Narrow and Regular Ergonomic Sizing – we believe its archaic to size gloves based solely on weight alone. By offering a Narrow size, we can accommodate a wider range of all fighters that don’t properly fill out a full 16oz glove. This will provide better support for medium to smaller hands, which will drastically help injuries based on fit.

Natural fist – We designed the glove to allow you to make a tighter fist by allowing your thumb and fingers to close more naturally. By innovating new techniques in constructing layered foam, we are able to provide over 50mm (2in) of foam to protection on the striking surfaces, while still allowing you to open your hand to parry and use classic boxing techniques.


After 5 years of development, the Shadow S1 is the result of combining classic styling, premium materials, skilled craftsmanship, and innovations in fit, ergonomics, and design.


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